The Journal of Uproarious Growth

Life is always presenting us with the opportunities to grow and improve ourselves. Doing the work necessary to grow, however, is a choice, and making that choice requires finding our courage so that we can face ourselves honestly to work through our shame and liberate ourselves from our demons and darkness. 

Such growth work is what equips us for healthier relationships, being able to pursue our dreams, and going through grief and loss.  The work is often difficult, and being able to laugh along the way can sustain us during the inevitable challenges that are always a part of meaningful growth.


“The Journal of Uproarious Growth Vol I” combines a profoundly honest and courageous memoir with practical psycho-educational information, clinical content, and humorous essays - all in a format that is very relatable, useful, and fun.  This book will help you grow, and will make you laugh while doing it.