My Therapeutic Approach


Therapy is an opportunity to more deeply understand and change aspects of your life that are not working the way that you want them to. Therapy is a joint effort between client and therapist. Progress and success in therapy may vary depending upon the particular problems being addressed, and can depend upon many factors, including your motivation, effort, and other circumstances, such as interactions with family, friends, or others. 

My work with clients focuses on the psychological process of "differentiation" which determines how we function in relationship to ourselves and to other people. 

The following description of differentiation comes from the work of David Schnarch, Ph.D. 

Our level of differentiation determines: 

  • Our ability to define and express our sense of identity, and how well we are able to self-validate (maintain our own sense of identity and healthy self-esteem).
  • Our capacity to self-soothe (calm ourselves down) and manage our emotions in healthy and effective ways when we are in distressing and uncomfortable situations or interactions with others.
  • Our willingness to tolerate discomfort for growth.
  • Our commitment to maintain, protect, and behave within our own sense of personal integrity (our moral and ethical beliefs).

Developing a higher level of differentiation allows us to have a deeper understanding of our thoughts and feelings. We learn how to have more effective ways of responding to the natural and inevitable tensions of relationships, both personal and professional. Differentiation is not an "either you have it or you don't" quality, but is an ongoing, lifelong, developmental process.

Couple's Therapy Services


I specialize in working with couples who are:

  • stuck in patterns of tension, distance, and disconnection
  • experiencing hurt, betrayal, and mistrust,
  • struggling with ineffective communication and problem solving
  • experiencing sexual dissatisfaction, sexual performance issues, or relational conflict around sexual issues
  • Many of my couples clients have been in therapy before, but have not found it helpful. Couples come to me, because of my skill and experience in helping people change the dissatisfying and painful patterns that prevent them from having a more loving, and satisfying relationship.

Individual Therapy Services



I help people make positive changes in their lives. By working with me, individuals learn:

  • how to face and manage challenges more effectively
  • how to create opportunities for positive change
  • how to have a healthier sense of self, greater chances for success, and more satisfying lives and relationships
  • how to overcome out of control sexual behaviors and to achieve sexual health and well being

Family Therapy Services



The families whom I work with often enter into therapy experiencing distance, pain helplessness, and chaos. I help families:

  • more effectively manage tension and discomfort
  • develop greater respect and the collaborative skills necessary for effective communication and problem solving
  • build and maintain a sense of balance and resiliency, so that they can navigate the inevitable challenges of life in ways that help them grow stronger and more connected.